Sunday, February 28, 2010


I thought with an entire moleskin(e) book ahead of me, and only over 20 or so pages already full, I should start a blog solely dedicated to the art I'll be doing in the book.

Here's a little back history on the book itself. At Christmas, DC was nice enough to send me a moleskine sketch book as a gift. I had seen the moleskine books in art shops around town, but they never really caught my eye. Also, I typically draw on sheets of loose paper as opposed to sketchbooks. I find it gives me more arm room and it's less restrictive than a bounded book. In January, I decided to fill up the entire book with DC Comics themed sketches. My goal is to have it filled by January 2011. Let's see if I can achieve the goal! I have no clue how many pages there are, so it's quite a challenge. Just by eyeing the closed book, it looks like I'm already 1/8th of the way to the end.

So as often as I can, I will update this blog with new moleskine sketches. Feel free to leave feedback in the form of critiques, questions or suggestions. I look forward to seeing what develops!